Mobile cranes

Our mobile cranes are the core of our business. If you need to handle heavy goods on short notice,
the skills of our drivers will come in handy. The contractors, industry representatives and their
suppliers as well as turbine and power line installers, railway entrepreneurs and other professionals
that work in our area can vouch for our abilities. We have a wide range of complementary lifting
equipment such as pallet forks, load spreaders, manbaskets and skip pans.

As a customer, what should I be paying attention to?

If you feel any hesitation regarding what the situation calls for, do not hesitate to contact us with
your questions. You should in an early stage secure the ground area that is to support the crane,
concerning existing underground constructions: basements, trenches, shelters to name a few. The
load from the outriggers of the crane may cause damage to these kind of structures, and in doing so
severely jeopardize the whole crane setup. It is important to keep a safe distance between the
outriggers and ledges, as the pressure from the outriggers may cause the ground to collapse.
Apart from this, the surface should be as even as possible. Support mats and steel plates may be
used for a safe crane setup.
In the fact sheets for each of our cranes (which are linked from each crane in the “our machines”
section), you will find the size of the cranes with the outriggers extended. Remember that the
measures do not include the support plates underneath, and that the space required may be
determined by the radius from the rotating superstructure.

What kind of crane do I need?

The size of the crane is calculated from the weight of the goods, the height that it has to be lifted to
and the distance between the centre of the goods and the crane centre (the crane radius). Check out
the tablets in fact sheets, but remember to add the weight of the hook block and other necessary
lifting equipment to the weight of the goods.
As an approximate rule, a 30 ton mobile crane will lift 1 ton at about 20 meter crane radius, with a
lifting height on about 6 meters.